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Pre Drivers Education

Pre Drivers Education offers teens and young adults of all abilities the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience behind the wheel before it counts. The students learn pavement markings, street signs, road laws, maneuvering, backing, parallel parking, passing and much more. Everyone is given the opportunity to learn at their own pace, in the safety of a closed course, under the supervision of licensed drivers utilizing vehicles with enhanced safety features such as throttle control and passenger side braking. It is safe, fun and effective.


Benifits to the Student Include:

  • Learn at Their Pace
  • No Peer Competition
  • Virtually No Risk
  • Pride and Confidence
  • Discover Their Own Strengths and Weaknesses

Benifits to the Caregiver Include:

  • Assess Ability
  • Avoid Conflict
  • Limit Stress
  • Gain Confidence
  • Eliminate Risk of Injury and Damage