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How Karts are Used for Other Therapies


First, consider the many physical, psychological and neurological demands of operating a motorized vehicle. Now consider the physical forces placed on objects in motion and how these forces change based on rate of speed, acceleration, deceleration, radius of turn, type of terrain, etc. Finally, consider the enthusiasm and emotional aspects related to driving (recreational or occupational).

Specialized karts are used in conjunction with a track or course. The configurations of a course are limitless. As is the use of other resources such as street signs, obstacles, rules, distractions, games, activities, etc.. As a result, the complexity and physical demands of maneuvering the course or completing an activity can be tailored to meet a specific need for improvement.

The goal of the therapeutic kart program is to understand and capitalize on the physical and emotional dynamics of participating in the activity. With the guidance of parents and professionals, we identify an educational, therapeutic or rehabilitative need and then select the proper equipment, course design and activity to achieve the objective.